An unbroken sequence of seasonal pleasures


The ultimate well-being experience

Seaview Restaurant

White House Beach & Hotspring Resort – Seaview Restaurant provides a mix of Chinese and Western buffet for the breakfast. Guests can start a new day with enjoying the view of the sea.
    1.Children under 120cm will enjoy a free breakfast at the Seaview Restaurant but must accompany with an adult.
    2.Breakfast voucher is required when dining.
    3.Breakfast time: 0730am-1000am.

Thermal Spa

The only deep ocean hot spring smooth the skin and feel the comfort, most nearby beach in Taiwan. We have an inspection by the Japan Central Hot Spring Institute.

Kids Playground

White House Beach & Hotspring Resort provide a perfect, safety and colorful playground environment. You can completely relax yourself and children having a good time. You will leave good memories for your family trip.


Parents are requested to cooperate with the following rules.
  1. Opening time: 11am to 8pm
  2. Please take off your shoes when you enter (provide shoe cabinet)
  3. Children under 110 cm are required to be accompanied by parents.
  4. The use of ball pool is limited under 110cm.
  5. Food (include drink) and pet are prohibited.
  6. Please pay attention to the safety of your own children. Dangerous actions such as climbing, chasing or pushing are prohibited. Please cherish the venue and equipment.
  7. Those who do not follow the rules may ask to leave. Respect the right to use for public.
  8. Please avoid loudness and noise.
  9. Please put toys and books back in place.
  10. TV game instruments should take turns and avoid improper action. (such as pull, press, throw).
  11. Please avoid affect others people using when enter with group.
  12. Do not install personal electrical appliances (computer, TV game)
  13. Urine or change diapers at game area are prohibit, please go to restroom.
  14. If you violate the rules and damage to the facilities, we will charge repair and cleaning fee.

Business Conference

White House Beach & Hotspring Resort provide facilities and venue for guests to organize meetings, business and gathering. Venue can accommodate 90 to 120 people. The hotel team will cooperate and organize professionally for needs with guests.


White House Beach & Hotspring resort provide leisure facilities such as sauna, deep ocean hot spring pool (winter) and gym room with spectacular sea view. Fitness facilities on the 5th floor provide comprehensive service for those who want to release stress during the holidays.
  1. Foods are prohibited.
  2. Do not use after eating and drinking alcohol.
  3. Free for hotel tenants.

Gaming Center

Located on the 5th floor of the lobby, it’s provide a variety gaming equipment to keep the healthy of your mind and body.
  1. Please put billiard equipment back to its original position after using.
  2. Please take care of the billiard equipment and safety to use.
  3. Free for hotel tenants.


  1. Opening Time: 10:00-17:00
  2. Do not use after eating and drinking alcohol.
  3. Please clean your body before use.。
  4. People who have chronic diseases such as Heart disease, Lung disease, High blood pressure, Diabetes and other Circulatory disorders must follow the doctor’s instructions.
  5. Please replenish water before and after use.
  6. Please stop using and notify the service staff when have any discomfort after use.
  7. It is advisable to take a break after a long journey, excessive fatigue or strenuous exercise before use.
  8. Pets are prohibited.
  9. Pregnancy, people with disabilities, infant and children avoid enter alone.
  10. It should not exceed 15 minutes in once and the total time should not exceed one hour.